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Monday, May 24, 2010

Riding bikes

Yesterday we made the trek down to Arcadia for the annual RI NEMBA Spring Fun Ride. The early wake up call was worth it as Jim G laid out a great loop(s) for all to enjoy. We also had a rare opportunity to ride bikes with the legendary Travsquatch of Thule fame. Try as he might he didn't even manage to break anything on Mike's D660. We rode the first 9 miles and then improvised our own loop at the end finishing with a ripping descent back down to Arcadia Rd. While the 95 trail is not to be missed time constraints led to the unfortunate decision to skip it.

We picked up a bunch of RI NEMBA T shirts at the ride, they are for sale for $15 with all the cash going to RI NEMBA. I hear it's so they can buy a big screen TV for their palatial club house... Seriously, they are great shirts and the blaze orange shirt might save you the hassle of not riding somewhere when you arrive at the trailhead and realize that you forgot your blaze orange vest. Buy one and throw it in your trunk, your backseat, your gear bag or whatever. A ride in a cotton T shirt is better than no ride at all, right?

No pics of the ride because I completely forgot to grab the camera on the way out the door Sunday morning. Here's a pic of the RI NEMBA shirts.

The weather looks great for tomorrow nights ride and trail conditions at Lincoln Woods are pretty darn near perfect right now. Maybe we'll remember to bring the camera along this time.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Watch out for nails, eh? Maybe I should ask Mavic to warranty my ancient hard anodized rim... For what it's worth it didn't make it all the way through so it's still rideable.

On that note, happy Bike to Work Day kids!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Redlines are back in stock!

D660's are in stock in both size 17" & 19". These 29ers are the best bang for your buck with how they come spec'd. So come get 'em before they ride on out the door under someone else. If you fit a 19" you're more than welcome to swing by and take my personal D660 out for a spin on the local trails to experience how sweet they ride. Redline really has their 29er geometry nailed across the board. And, not to be forgotten, we do have a D440 in stock as well.

Also new in the shop this week is the Redline Device D26 frames. They're not supposed to be out until June but we got a couple early. DJ, street or park... these things are dialed. They sport a 100% post-weld heat-treated Sanko chromoly frame, 100% ED plated and painted for maximum corrosion resistance, a Mid BB and an integrated head tube. They also feature suspension ready geometry that feels just right.

Here's my own personal D26 I built up for myself. Yeah... I love it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Blue Hills Part II

The shop was closed and it was beautiful outside today so I opted for another solo ride at the Blue Hills. I rode nearly the same loop from last week backwards and added some trails into the mix before heading up Coon Hollow for the observation tower. Today couldn't have been any more different than last Monday in terms of humidity and temperature. It's amazing how much more fun it is to ride when you can actually breathe! Who knew? I climbed an assload and even broke down and tried out the 22t ring. This almost immediately made my left leg all crampy (probably because I never, ever spin and usually ride a 1x8, or a singlespeed) but I figured out how to use the damn thing anyhow. The new bike was great, lots of fun on the descents and I was digging the all the neat noises it made when oddly shaped rocks slammed into the downtube at speed. Did I mention all the loose rock up there?

Speaking of trail obstacles, we have nothing to complain about when it comes to horse poop at Lincoln Woods. Little mountains of horse dookie abound and it's kinda nasty, that's all I'm sayin'. Keep those eyes peeled if you pedal around in those woods...

Don't forget our weekly Tuesday night NEMBA ride is on for tomorrow because, as you may know, tomorrow is Tuesday. Unless you read this tomorrow and today is Tuesday. Anyways, come by the shop for the ride and post ride Harpoon and general bike dorkery.

Oh yeah, two more things. Blue Hills Mountain Bike Day is May 23rd. If the recent posts have you wondering where to ride in the park then head up and check it out. RI NEMBA is also hosting their annual spring Fun Ride on May 23rd so if you live in Southern New England you have two great MTB events to choose from. Get out and ride somewhere new!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's not dead yet!

The 26er singlespeed that is. So many have been quick to announce the demise of this style of bike, but it's not quite ready to be relegated to the annals of MTB history. Case in point, the Surly 1x1 we just built for a customer below. After killing his previous steel hardtail (that shall remain nameless) the Surly was an obvious choice. We think it turned out pretty nicely. We can do the same for your derelict old beater if you'd like.

We snuck out to ride the Rocky Mountains again after work yesterday. Here's the only decent picture from the lot. Mike looks like a psycho killer and all but that's just because he's concentratin' real hard. No pics of me as I usually just look like a spaz on whatever it is I'm riding anyways...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canadian Invasion

Our Rocky Mountain demo sleds are finally here and have been test ridden over the last week by Mike and myself. What this means is they are now officially broken in and ready for real live test rides. We brought in an Altitude 50 and an Altitude 29er (sizes 19 and 18 respectively).

The deal with the demos is pretty simple. If you're interested in either bike (or any of the Altitude 26ers, as the platform is similar through the line) you can take one of these demos out for a real ride, wherever you want, as long as you get it back to us by the end of the day and you're OK with us taking a $50 deposit. The deposit is converted to store credit in the off chance you don't fall head over heels in love with the bike and order one for yourself, your neighbor and each member of your family. If you are in the market for a longer travel 29er or an all mountain rig these bikes are worth checking out in the flesh and on the trail.

Sorry for the lousy pic of the Altitude 50, I tried to focus the camera but I was busy collecting little bits of my lungs at the Blue Hills during an especially humid ride on Monday afternoon. I fear may have left several pieces of them on the Coon Hollow trail while wheezing my way up the climb. I'll post some more pictures of both bikes and maybe one or two of Chris Friel's super gigantic 60cm Rocky Mountain Solo CXR cross bike.

On the non-Rocky Mountain front the newest batch of Redline D660s will be here early next week. If you are interested in a D660 swing by and check them out before they're gone, apparently we weren't the only ones to see the value in this bike. If you snooze you lose and this may be the only view you get...

And for those left wondering; yes, this week's NEMBA ride did indeed happen as the weather cleared up just in time. Basically if it isn't pouring we're riding. It's that simple, but give us a call if you feel the need to confirm before heading out. The pic below is from Chase on the way back to the shop. The pollution influenced sunset at Chase Farm was real nice. Thank you unhealthy airborne particulate matter!

Also, for those of you who haven't already heard the great folks at Harpoon Brewery have supplied us with post ride beverages for the season. Their generosity manifested itself in the form of 10 cases of beer, 5 UFO and 5 IPA. So, yeah, the post ride beers are on us.

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