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We are a full service bike shop in Cumberland, RI carrying Rocky Mountain, IBIS, SALSA, Transition, Redline, Banshee, Surly and KHS. We offer quick and reliable service work and host a weekly NEMBA mountain bike ride at Lincoln Woods.

Our address is 391 Mendon Road Cumberland, RI 02864.

Phone is 401 335 3163.

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Closed on Sundays and Tuesdays (I need to ride sometime)....

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

News to peruse!

It's been a while since the blog was updated for sure. Part of the blame lies with Facebook for being such an effective communicator of the regular goings on around the shop. The rest of the blame could be laid on how busy we've been, but really we were waiting to tie up a few loose ends ahead of officially announcing that we're moving the shop to Cumberland.

The shop will be open at the new address, 391 Mendon Rd., starting the first week of August. The hope is that we will not be closed for than a day, or two, at most. In the meantime the shop will be open in Lincoln. You may be wondering where 391 Mendon Rd is, and that's a good question. Thank goodness for the interwebs, huh? Click here for a map of the new location.

The following is for those of you who are directionally challenged and/or afraid of maps and prefer your directions in RhodeIslandese. Simply head east past the current shop and take a left on Mendon road. Go past where Blackstone Valley Outfitters used to be, past where Zippy Lube was, past where Ann & Hope used to be and up past Angelo's and Del's Lemonade. For good measure there's a D&D on the way there as well.

We are on the right across from Royal Panda and next to J Gray's. There are roughly 700 nail and hair salons in this neck of the woods but we're next to Salon Deniz. If landmarks don't do it for you then you should know we're at the intersection of Marshall Ave. and Mendon Road. Whew, I think I covered all the possible ways to give directions to the new place. As per usual if there are any questions feel free to call the shop.

What else is going on? We have a bunch of Banshee bikes and frames in stock including a large test ride Paradox as well as a Spitfire. We're working on a Rocky Mountain demo day out at Lincoln Woods (we may have a Banshee or two for this as well) for later this summer, and the Monday mountain bike rides are in full swing. On that note there's a new "bonus" trail that was just cleared out at Lincoln that should make everyone happy! The Wednesday night bike path/road rides have been great too, at least when we haven't had bad weather or tornado warnings.

In lieu of our impending move we'll be having a sale good for 10% off all in stock bicycles (except the Banshees, sorry!) during the month of July.

On a side note I'll be resurrecting my personal blog to brain dump all my thoughts on the bikes and equipment we've been lucky enough to beat up over the last year or so. So, I'm sure everyone is super excited about that, just be sure to contain your enthusiasm...

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