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Thursday, April 6, 2017

It's about time...

It is. It's time for the weather to finally change for the better. It's also far past time this shop had a new website! To that end you should see one shortly. Expect all the massive media infiltration and saturation that the LBS that took 7 years to make stickers is known for! (That there is some professional grade sarcasm just in case you are sarcasm deficient).

You can expect the new site to pop up over the next week or so. This blog will still exist and allow us to focus on product reviews whilst waxing poetic about our shared pastime. The product reviews will be zero bullshit and honest. We're small enough and stable enough to not sell or support crap. It's always been that way. Having the blog separate from our "official" site makes the decision to publish our thoughts in an unfettered manner that much easier.

On that note... Here are a few quick thoughts on a bike that made me stoked to get out again. It's been a long winter, and like many my enthusiasm for riding bikes like it's my job waxes and wanes. Toss in some physical issues that greatly impeded activity and recovery, and the bike started to seem like a cruel torture device.

Much like my last crash and burn cycles a Surly dug me out of the hole and put smile on my face. 10 + years ago it was a SS Karate Monkey that brought me back from near total bicycle burnout. A few years ago it was the original Krampus. Last night it was my Cross Check. The bike is, frankly, nothing special. It is a heavy, useful and decidedly old school cross bike that can be downright frightening to ride in the woods. Bikes like the Cross Check always reminds me how easy it is to get caught up in the bullshit this self destructive industry foists on all of us on a nearly daily basis. Newer isn't always better, neither is lighter and bigger. What is better is going outside and riding with your friends. Sometimes doing stupid shit on the wrong bike and remembering why you do this thing, sometime obsessively, and sometimes with your head screwed on straight.

In short, we could all do well to remember that the experience determines the ride. Not the bike your perched on at the moment. Now, let's all get out and enjoy the weather on tap for next week!


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