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Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Holiday Party and a quick Surly Krampus long term review!

Hi folks,

In case you haven't heard already we are hosting our annual party time bike-o-rama hangout on 12/28 this year! Swing by the shop from 12-6 for free beer courtesy of the fine folks at Foolproof Brewing as well as some tasty treats. Also included, free of charge, is some fascinating conversation about bicycle related doohickeys and the like.

Tell your friends! It'll be fun, or it won't. If it's not fun, well, that's on you and not us, as we aim to please. The flyer for the party can be found below. Feel free to share with your homeboys and homegirls alike.

If you're on Facebook and would like to stay abreast of this sort of news feel free to like us here.


** Please note that if you swing by between 12/25 and 12/27 that we will not be here!! We're taking a break. Then we're coming in and hosting a party. It's the hard knock life around here for sure.

Also - please note that the sale on Endura clothing is ongoing through the end of the winter. 25% off anything from Endura!

Jackets are actually on some sort of super duper Crazy Eddie style blowout - buy one at 25% off and get another for 50% off! Pick up a Gridlock and a Pakajak for under $120. Crazy! In case you don't know Crazy Eddie, here's a crash course in awesome...

Oh, and all the in stock tires and tubes are still 20% off, and 2013 leftover bikes and demos are still on sale. 2014 stock is 10% off as well.

So, now that the important commerce and party related stuff is out of the way.... Here's that Surly Krampus review you probably came here for in the first place.

By now you all know what they look like, so I'm going to skip the gratuitous bike porn photo shoot B.S. and get to it. I could babble on for a while here so I'm going to just boil it down to 11 bullet points detailing what it is, and what it isn't.

1. It loves gently rolling terrain and rewards those who can hold momentum.

2. It abhors steep climbing.

3. The Krampus is a bounce house on wheels with the wrong tire pressure.

4. Don't take this thing to a race if you want to win unless you are on EPO.

5. Do take it to a race if you need attention and/or you are on EPO.

6. It kinda needs those 120 tpi tires. A 30t chainring doesn't hurt either.

7. It is NOT an all day 4 hours in the saddle kind of bike, unless you enjoy torture.

8. It is a super cool bike that rides way better in snow than we thought it would. Like, WAY better.

9. It rides better on dirt than a "normal" Fat Bike, or maybe just different.

10. It is a really fun bike to just ride, explore trail on and wander around with and forget about Strava and crap like that.

11. It is sparkly green and really pretty. 

It looks like this:

That is all, happy holidays!

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