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Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Holiday Party and a quick Surly Krampus long term review!

Hi folks,

In case you haven't heard already we are hosting our annual party time bike-o-rama hangout on 12/28 this year! Swing by the shop from 12-6 for free beer courtesy of the fine folks at Foolproof Brewing as well as some tasty treats. Also included, free of charge, is some fascinating conversation about bicycle related doohickeys and the like.

Tell your friends! It'll be fun, or it won't. If it's not fun, well, that's on you and not us, as we aim to please. The flyer for the party can be found below. Feel free to share with your homeboys and homegirls alike.

If you're on Facebook and would like to stay abreast of this sort of news feel free to like us here.


** Please note that if you swing by between 12/25 and 12/27 that we will not be here!! We're taking a break. Then we're coming in and hosting a party. It's the hard knock life around here for sure.

Also - please note that the sale on Endura clothing is ongoing through the end of the winter. 25% off anything from Endura!

Jackets are actually on some sort of super duper Crazy Eddie style blowout - buy one at 25% off and get another for 50% off! Pick up a Gridlock and a Pakajak for under $120. Crazy! In case you don't know Crazy Eddie, here's a crash course in awesome...

Oh, and all the in stock tires and tubes are still 20% off, and 2013 leftover bikes and demos are still on sale. 2014 stock is 10% off as well.

So, now that the important commerce and party related stuff is out of the way.... Here's that Surly Krampus review you probably came here for in the first place.

By now you all know what they look like, so I'm going to skip the gratuitous bike porn photo shoot B.S. and get to it. I could babble on for a while here so I'm going to just boil it down to 11 bullet points detailing what it is, and what it isn't.

1. It loves gently rolling terrain and rewards those who can hold momentum.

2. It abhors steep climbing.

3. The Krampus is a bounce house on wheels with the wrong tire pressure.

4. Don't take this thing to a race if you want to win unless you are on EPO.

5. Do take it to a race if you need attention and/or you are on EPO.

6. It kinda needs those 120 tpi tires. A 30t chainring doesn't hurt either.

7. It is NOT an all day 4 hours in the saddle kind of bike, unless you enjoy torture.

8. It is a super cool bike that rides way better in snow than we thought it would. Like, WAY better.

9. It rides better on dirt than a "normal" Fat Bike, or maybe just different.

10. It is a really fun bike to just ride, explore trail on and wander around with and forget about Strava and crap like that.

11. It is sparkly green and really pretty. 

It looks like this:

That is all, happy holidays!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

News! Or, lots and lots of content to make up for slacking for so long!

In our zeal to continually blast the Facebook world with relevant content this blog has become neglected. I do, however, think we found a way to revive this media channel going forward. How? By adding product reviews, and simply posting more of the happenings in our local cycling community. This post will focus on the news and sale side of things with parts reviews to come..
Alright, with that covered here's all the news that's fit to invade your eyeballs!

First on the agenda is the annual RI NEMBA Lincoln Woods Fun Ride! I think this is the 5th, or 6th, year we've been doing this ride? I'm a little fuzzy on that one, but who cares? It's a great ride for a good cause, the trails are leaf blown and there's hot dogs, burgers and chili! This year's price of admission is either non perishable food items for the RI Community Food Bank or a toy for the Children's Friend Holiday Drive. Cash in lieu of the above works as well. Oh, yeah, we're hosting a bike swap as well. Bring your parts and haggle amongst friends! Please print the flyer below and distribute as you see fit!

*Please note the new start/registration area! Take the rte. 123 exit from rte. 146 and head EAST. The park entrance is roughly 2.5 miles down on the right. Drive through the covered bridge and take a right at the kiosk.

Please, DON'T be that guy who only brings a pack of gum. Seriously, suck it up and give like you mean it. Chances are if you're attending this ride, on a mountain bike, you can spare a little for others. It ain't gonna kill you, and you can restock your Zombie Apocalypse prepper cave later.

In related news we are going to leave the arrows up for a few weeks after the ride. This means you can go out and ride after the Fun Ride, without getting lost and eaten by werewolves! Yaay!

I'm guessing there will be some arrow removal courtesy of jerks, but the thing to focus on here is that the park manager wants to blaze a loop in the spring. This is a pretty big deal and it will be great for everyone venturing into the park. The idea is to mark a hiking/mountain biking loop that will allow folks to venture out without feeling like they will get lost. It should also help curtail some of the local "wildlife" activities in the park to boot.

What's next? Well, we're hosting some repair classes over the next few weeks.

The schedule and topics are below:

10/30 - Flat tires!  Patching, replacing tubes and how to trouble shoot and identify the cause.

11/6 - Chain repair!  Breaking chains, resizing and loosening stuck links.

11/13 - Fiddling with shifty bits!  Or, how to adjust your derailleurs.

If demand is there we will keep going with the schedule above restarting on 11/20.

Please RSVP for the classes as we try to limit them to 5 at most. You can RSVP by calling the shop (401 335 3163), or shoot us an email at blackstonebicycles@gmail.com.

There is no fee, however beer in lieu of payment is always appreciated.  :)

We're going to be posting some bike specials and sales from now until the end of the year. The bike below, and the clothing sale, is already on the Facebook page but I'll re-post here. Expect to see more bikes popping up here over the next few weeks. 

Endura clothing sale! Take 20% off all in stock clothing - this includes any and all cold weather riding gear! 

KALI helmet and armor sale!  Take 20% off all in stock Kali helmets and armor!
Banshee Bikes 2013 Prime demo in large. $2750 with a stock post. $2950 with the Reverb.

Build list: Stan's Flow EXs on Stan's hubs, Rock Shox Revelation 29, Sram X9 build, E-Thirteen chainguide, Race Face Evolve Crankset, Cane Creek 40 series headset, Race Face Atlas Bar, Avid Elixir 3 brakes, Maxxis Ardents, WTB Pure V saddle, ODI Crosstrainers and a Truvativ AKA stem. Click on the image below for a bigger pic.


That's all we've got for now... Expect to see more reminders about the Fun Ride, and more sale info as the fall progresses. Product reviews to come as well!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The IBIS are coming!! The IBIS are coming!!

That's right boys and girls, the Ibis Demo Tour is coming to Blackstone Bicycles!

This is your chance to ride an available Ibis of your choice at one of the most technical riding spots in RI, that's right... Lincoln Woods.  This event will be held on Wednesday May 29th in place of our regular Wednesday night shop/NEMBA ride.

We have rented one of the pavilions next to the ball field so we have a nicer space to meet, set people up on demo bikes, have a spot to chill and possibly do some grilling after the ride if time allows.

Demo bikes available are as follows.  Demo bike availability is subject to change.  Please call the shop to confirm availability and to reserve a bike of your choosing for the ride.

4 Large Ripleys*
1 Small Mojo HD
1 Medium Mojo HD
1 Large Mojo HD
1 XL Mojo HD
1 Small Mojo SL-R
1 Medium Mojo SL-R
1 Large Mojo SL-R
1 XL Mojo SL-R
1 55cm Hakkal├╝gi Disc
1 58cm Hakkal├╝gi Disc

See you all on the 29th!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

RI NEMBA Beginner Rides and Skills Session!

Hey all,

If you, or someone you know, is new to mountain biking and would like to improve their skills then you're in luck!

Every Saturday morning, with the exception of 4/20, RI NEMBA is hosting a beginner skills ride. This week the ride is taking place in Big River at 9:00 AM. The meeting location is at the corner of Division St. and New London Turnpike.

To get there take Exit 7 from Route 95. Head east off the exit (that's left if coming from the north, and a right if coming from the south) and go to the end of the road and cross over to the dirt parking lot in front of the fire gate. Don't block the fire gate. This is easy button stuff kids, you can get there from here!

All you need to bring is yourself, a helmet and a working bicycle! Oh, and a positive attitude won't hurt either. So, go get your practice in and become a seasoned trail rider faster and avoid being this guy...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring is here... sorta.

Wow... Just realized that we haven't updated this here blog in quite some time! Hopefully you're getting out there a bit or at least thinking about hitting the trails and roads of RI. We've got some news to share and some deals to announce so keep reading!

Winter gear sale: 25% off all in stock Endura winter clothing until we send it all back. You'll have until the first week of April to take advantage of this really sweet deal.

2013 Demo Bikes and demo pricing:

All the demos below are $50 for a day with the exception of the KHS 650 606 ($25).  Basically, you can take it anywhere you want (except Highland Mountain - seriously, we know what that dirt looks like and you'll never remove it all) and have it back that night or the next day.

You go down with enthusiasm and break something you get to replace it at our cost.  Seems fair enough, right?  Also, the cost of the demo comes off of the bike price.  That is, assuming you like it enough to buy one.

OK, with that out of the way the list, as of now, is below.

Rocky Mountain Vertex 970 RSL size large.

Banshee Prime size large.

Banshee Rune size large (should be in the shop by the end of March).

KHS 650 606 size large.

IBIS Mojo HD size large.

Down the road we're going to bring in a Transition Bandit 29, and maybe a not yet able to be disclosed bike from another brand...

On the new bright and shiny front we've already seen two Rocky Mountain Element 970 RSL BC Editions come through the shop as well as a Rocky Mountain Altitude 730 650b bike! There have also been a handful of new Transitions that will be out there lurking about the local woods soon enough. Oh, and some guy is buying an Ibis Ripley. Our jobs don't suck apparently...


Friday, January 11, 2013

News! Winter Vacation dates, demo bikes and other junk.

Hi there. Hopefully you've survived the Mayan Apocalypse, the New Year and gotten out and enjoyed the snowfall in one way or another! Also, you have hopefully avoided riding a trainer! That in and of itself may be a fate worse than any centuries old prophecy of doom, and as such is to be avoided at all costs! Go skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or just drink beer and catch up on episodes of The Walking Dead. Whatever, anything is better than pedaling and going nowhere. Don't be a trainer Zombie!

On the topic of survival we've made it through another season and we will be taking some vacation time during the month of February. We'll be closed beginning on February 3rd, and we'll be back on February 18th. 15 days is a long time to be shut down but it is winter in New England, and if not now then likely never.

On the new bike front we're already pretty well loaded up with hardtail 29ers (Flare to the Vertex 930) and commuters (Metropolis LHR) from Rocky Mountain. We've also managed to get some saddle time in on our demo 650b hardtail from KHS and we should also see a few of the Rocky Mountain 650b Altitudes in here before March. One of the Altitude 750s will be available as a demo as well.

The KHS hardtail will be available to demo for $20 and will be a great way to check out the wheel size in a general sense. The Rocky will be available for the normal demo rate of $50. Same deal for the Banshee Prime, the Banshee Rune, the Transition Trans AM, the Surly Karate Monkey, the Rocky Mountain Vertex 970RSL and the Ibis Mojo HD. Do you think we have a enough demos?!

Oh, and we're also now a Pivot dealer! This is pretty awesome news for us and we're really excited to see John's new LES frame when it arrives next week. He'll be out there ripping people's legs off on a regular basis and we couldn't be more stoked that he's going to be doing it on a Pivot.

So, that segues nicely into this, the next paragraph! New bikes we're looking to get into the shop over the course of the next season cash flow permitting....

The short list is as follows:

Pivot Mach 429
Banshee Spitfire (March)
Banshee Rune (March)
Surly Krampus
Rocky Mountain Instinct
Transition Covert 29

In case you were wondering, we do still have a few demos up for sale from last season.

Model and pricing below:

Transition Trans AM 29, Large. We dropped the chainguide and went with an MRP 1X Guide to shed some weight, and we upgraded the wheelset to a set of  Stan's Flows! Otherwise the build is the same as it has always been. $1900 takes it home!

We also still have the large Rocky Mountain Vertex 970 RSL on sale for $2,400.

So, that about wraps it up! If you're feeling like it please swing by our Facebook page and throw us a "like". We're trying to hit the 500 mark this season for some reason or another. Your efforts in this regard are appreciated!

Happy trails!


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