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We are a full service bike shop in Cumberland, RI carrying Rocky Mountain, IBIS, SALSA, Transition, Redline, Banshee, Surly and KHS. We offer quick and reliable service work and host a weekly NEMBA mountain bike ride at Lincoln Woods.

Our address is 391 Mendon Road Cumberland, RI 02864.

Phone is 401 335 3163.

Winter hours are now in effect: Monday through Friday 12-6, Sat 10-6.

Closed on Sundays and Tuesdays (I need to ride sometime)....

Email: blackstonebicycles@gmail.com

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Party Saturday, December 17th!! And our upcoming Vacation Schedule


This is already all over the interwebs, and is likely old news to you if you peruse Facebook, but we're hosting a small get together on Saturday the 17th to celebrate the close of season number 2. Join us from 3-7pm for some beer and pizza and take advantage of our "we're going to be away for a little while so a bunch of stuff is on sale" sale! We have a whole bunch of winter riding gear from gloves to tights to pants and jackets, as well as lights for your early AM or night time riding pleasure. All in stock bikes, parts and accessories are 10 - 20% off.

Now on to our winter vacation schedule...

X-Mas break:

12/25 - 1/1

Open again with regular business hours from 1/2 through 1/14.

Winter break:

1/15 through 2/6 returning on 2/7.

So, that's it. All the news that's fit to print! If we don't see you before we take off have a great holiday season!

Monday, December 5, 2011

29er sale time!!

That's right folks, it's time for a sale on mountain bikes of the big wheeled variety. Just in time for prime late season riding. The deals below are really, really good and might not last long so if you're thinking about snagging one swing by and check them out!

Banshee Paradox 2011 1x9, medium frame - NEW. SOLD.

Surly Karate Monkey 2011, Medium - NEW. SOLD.

Redline D440 2010, 19" - NEW.SOLD.

Redline Monocog 2010 17" upgraded to Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes - NEW. SOLD!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fat bike bliss!!

Pugsley is here! Swing by and check it out! Get yourself sized up and order one before the snow falls because once it does these will be hard to get your hands on!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lincoln Woods Turkey Slayer Fun Ride - November 27th!

Hey all,

We're going to host this year's RI NEMBA Fun Ride to benefit the RI Food Bank on Sunday, November 27th (rain date 12/4). This will be an arrowed 10 + mile ride featuring most of the myriad of trails in Lincoln Woods. As always there will be some longer climbs that pay off with some fun descents and plenty of technical rock features to go around. We're including many of the more technical trails this year.

Also, please note that there will be a "climb and descend" led ride that will hit some of the gravity oriented lines that are NOT going to be a part of the arrowed loop as well (time/details to follow).

The cost of admission is some canned goods/non perishable foods. If you can't make the ride feel free to swing by the shop with some food! We'll be collecting all month to add to the pile at the ride itself.

Registration opens at 9:00 and runs until 11:00. Arrows will start to come down ~ 3:00. Directions are simple, find Lincoln Woods State Park on the map of your choice (digital or otherwise) and enter via the Twin River Road entrance. Take a right and follow the signs to the double parking lot on your left. Easy.

Post ride hang out and enjoy Stacy's mostly world famous chili, beverages and snacky cakes. Mike may even make corn muffins infused with bacon - yeah, bacon. Who could ask for more?

Hopefully the weather is as nice as it was this past Sunday at Bluff Point in CT. Here's Mike's Ibis Mojo HD relaxing on the beach...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Worth noting - East Bay Bike Path construction

Cross post from the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition - worth reading in case you have plans to use the EBBP. Link to the article and full text below:


We are getting reports that barrels are up blocking the East Bay Bike Path and cyclists are being told to turn around if they ride past them. The sewer project has officially started on the bike path.

Unfortunately, it appears that East Providence is concurrently ripping up the portion of Veteran’s Parkway near where the end of the pipe will come out. They have the road closed down to a single lane, just wide enough for cars to pass through, one side at a time. If you are planning to ride through this section, it’s a perfect time to TAKE THE LANE. As a cyclists, you have every right to do so and this is the safest way to pass through a one lane section like this. Ride in such a way that cars can not squeeze by you. The section is short, assert yourself and most importantly ensure you keep yourself safe.

If you are nervous about riding through the detour, we have a few people who are willing to ride with you, at your pace. If you contact us, we will put you in touch with someone to ride with and you can arrange a time and location to meet.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer clothing and armor sale!

It's time for a clothing sale! All in stock summer clothing, gloves and armor are 20% off!! We have Endura, 661, Twin Six and Kali in stock!! Gear up for the best riding weather of the year, or simply save some cash on some new duds! Like ZZ Top says, every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man! Well, since we also have a bunch of women's Endura clothing I suppose that could go either way.

On a related note the fall and winter gear just arrived from Endura! Swing by and check out the goods that will keep you warm in the woods, on the road and during your commute during the cooler months. We have Endura's Thermolite tights, arm and knee warmers, training caps and the much loved Singletrack pants (theses things are awesome trail pants as well as amazing cold weather road/commuter pants).

Oh, you could always grow a winter beard to keep warm as well. Just ask these guys...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Singlespeed Paradox!

I hear these 29ers are really fast and stuff. I also heard that singlespeeds are really cool. At least that's what the cool kids keep telling me... With that said we went ahead and built up our own version of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup on wheels. Behold, a singlespeed 29er that doesn't suck!

Thanks to the nice folks at Yess for making such a slick tensioner.

The Geax Gatos seem pretty darn nice too! Gearing is hill friendly at 32x21 and yes, the fork is convertible to 120mm for all your gnar dog needs.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Come order one, you know you want to. We'll even keep this guy from groping it if you ask politely!

Oh yeah, we are now a GO PRO dealer as well. Expect some local riding footage in the next month or so...

Monday, August 8, 2011

New shop is open!

And, it actually looks like a bike shop and not some dank cave that smells of rubber and coffee. How awesome is that? We're real happy with the new space and fairly surprised with how many folks walking in never knew that the old shop was located only a mile away. I know it's Rhode Island and all but still... Oh, and the trails at the Monastery are less than a 1/2 mile away, offer a great workout and they are pretty damn fun to boot. How about that?

On the service front we're firing on all cylinders once again and staying on top of our goal of getting people back on their bikes in a few days. On the bike front we're psyched to let people know that we can now help them go big (and maybe deep into debt?) with IBIS. We're looking forward to seeing the new Mojo HD when it gets here later this week. I'm guessing the guy who bought is as well.

Other notable bikes that have been built/will be arriving shortly:

Banshee Paradox custom singlespeed build. We built this with a Yess ETR-B tensioner, X9 hubs laced to Arches, a Recon Gold, Surly cog, BB7s and a Truvativ Stylo 1.1 crankset. Pics to come shortly.

Surly Crosscheck Singlespeed . We sold our completes and we're itching to build the 54cm frameset. Expect to see it built in the next week or two. It'll be simple, sturdy and pretty darn affordable.

All City Nature Boy SS 'cross bike. Most of the parts are going to the Surly build above but the frameset is going to yours truly so I can build it up and rip around the local trails on it.

Rocky Mountain Solo CX 2012. We'll have a few of these in the shop as soon as they become available. No pics I can share yet but the spec is solid once again and the pricing is pretty aggressive. These will be great bang for the buck 'cross bikes.

The Lincoln Woods ride is still happening every Monday night. Meet at the park ready to ride @ 6:15! We're meeting at the covered bridge entrance off of 123 (Breakneck Hill rd.). Feel free to ride over from the shop with Mike and myself as well, we leave promptly at 6:00.

The Wednesday night bike path ride is still on as well, leaving from the shop at 6:00.

'Cross season is right around the corner but there are still a few MTB races on the calendar. I'm hoping to make it out to the Treasure Valley Rally on August 28th, if you're there say hi or at least heckle with enthusiasm.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New shop is almost there - open on 8/6!

The title pretty much sums it up, but in case you missed it the new shop will be open on 8/6. If you need something in the meantime feel free to give us a ring towards the end of the week as we'll be up and running by then. The Lincoln Woods ride for 8/1 is off, it will resume on 8/8. Ditto for the Wednesday bike path/road ride. OK, enough blogging, back to work...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mini vacation (sort of a working vacation)

Is it vacation if you're working some of the time? Maybe not, but the point is this; whether or not we're actually working all you need to know is that we'll be unavailable to breathe life into bicycles on both July 5th and 6th. Tuesday will be spent at Highland Mountain while Wednesday will be spent getting a bunch of things done up at the new shop. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Speaking of the new shop it looks like Saturday, August 6th is going to be the official opening of the new place. It's really, really nice. It's so nice that even we can't mess up it's niceness. The new sign is up already and it is HUGE (well, it's huge compared to the old one anyways). So, if you miss it, it really is you and not us. See the post below for directions to our future home in case you're wondering how to get there. We'll probably be open a few days before the 6th as well so keep an eye on this here blog or the facebook page.

Thanks for being understanding, and the kind of kick ass customers who will put up with us!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

News to peruse!

It's been a while since the blog was updated for sure. Part of the blame lies with Facebook for being such an effective communicator of the regular goings on around the shop. The rest of the blame could be laid on how busy we've been, but really we were waiting to tie up a few loose ends ahead of officially announcing that we're moving the shop to Cumberland.

The shop will be open at the new address, 391 Mendon Rd., starting the first week of August. The hope is that we will not be closed for than a day, or two, at most. In the meantime the shop will be open in Lincoln. You may be wondering where 391 Mendon Rd is, and that's a good question. Thank goodness for the interwebs, huh? Click here for a map of the new location.

The following is for those of you who are directionally challenged and/or afraid of maps and prefer your directions in RhodeIslandese. Simply head east past the current shop and take a left on Mendon road. Go past where Blackstone Valley Outfitters used to be, past where Zippy Lube was, past where Ann & Hope used to be and up past Angelo's and Del's Lemonade. For good measure there's a D&D on the way there as well.

We are on the right across from Royal Panda and next to J Gray's. There are roughly 700 nail and hair salons in this neck of the woods but we're next to Salon Deniz. If landmarks don't do it for you then you should know we're at the intersection of Marshall Ave. and Mendon Road. Whew, I think I covered all the possible ways to give directions to the new place. As per usual if there are any questions feel free to call the shop.

What else is going on? We have a bunch of Banshee bikes and frames in stock including a large test ride Paradox as well as a Spitfire. We're working on a Rocky Mountain demo day out at Lincoln Woods (we may have a Banshee or two for this as well) for later this summer, and the Monday mountain bike rides are in full swing. On that note there's a new "bonus" trail that was just cleared out at Lincoln that should make everyone happy! The Wednesday night bike path/road rides have been great too, at least when we haven't had bad weather or tornado warnings.

In lieu of our impending move we'll be having a sale good for 10% off all in stock bicycles (except the Banshees, sorry!) during the month of July.

On a side note I'll be resurrecting my personal blog to brain dump all my thoughts on the bikes and equipment we've been lucky enough to beat up over the last year or so. So, I'm sure everyone is super excited about that, just be sure to contain your enthusiasm...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Weekly Bike Rides!

The below was copied from the page of the same name. So, if you already read that and now you're reading this feel free to stop!

It's that time of year again! The weather is finally nicer and it's time to get out and ride! Below you will find all the pertinent info with regard to our Monday mountain bike ride, and our Wednesday bike path spin.

Lincoln Woods Monday night advanced trail ride:

If you've considered joining our weekly mountain bike ride this is the time to do it. The earlier season rides (April into May) will be a bit slower and more user friendly. After the middle of May things will get faster with less stopping, and we will incorporate more of the technical features that the park is known for.

* The first ride is on 4/11.

Please note that we moved it to Mondays! (I know it states this above but still...) For the month of April the start time is 6:15 at Lincoln Woods (park off the Twin River entrance) to start. Mike and I will likely ride over from the shop, if you want to join us just be at the shop by 5:45 ready to ride by 6:00.

After May 1st all the Monday night rides will leave from the shop at 6:15!

* Please, please, please make sure your bike is in proper running order and that you have the basics (an inflation device, a tube, a patch kit and some rudimentary tools). As much as I love fixing bikes I like to ride a lot more, and we may leave you to the mosquitos and the notorious Lincoln Woods Sasquatch. The decision to leave you to the wolves is at our discretion and may be swayed by bribery (read: good beer).

Wednesday Night Bike Path spin:

Feel free to join us on Wednesday nights for a spin on the Blackstone River Bikeway. We'll leave from the shop at 6:15 and ride for a little over an hour to spin up to Woonsocket and back. We'd really like to keep the pace to right around 15mph. This is not a hammerfest but rather a chance for some to work on their fitness and others to spin out their tired legs. If it's raining the ride is off.

If you really want to haul ass feel free to go for it. It's the bike path, you can't lost! If you really want to suffer one of us can drag you around (or, more likely, you'll drag one of us around) the hillier locales north of the shop accessible from the Bikeway.

* The first ride is on 4/13.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The lights are still on? Sweet! Let's have a sale then!

Hey folks,

To celebrate the fact that the lights are indeed still on, and that we're still here, we're having a one year anniversary sale. Swing by this Friday and Saturday and take 10% off any in stock item (bikes and tune up parts are included!). NEMBA members might even be able to sweet talk us into a better deal if they are smart enough to ply us with adult beverages.

So stop by, say hi, and check out all the new bikes and buy something to help finance my next haircut. As you can see below I desperately need one of those...

After something that downright frightening I'll leave you with an object of beauty to behold in the form of Mike Rosendale's new Banshee Paradox.

Blackstone Bicycles is now an authorized Elka suspension dealer!

That's right folks, we now carry Elka suspension! Custom tuned nitrogen charged suspension goodness. Treat your bike right and ride with an Elka Stage 5 rear shock. Also check out their new Stage 4 fork cartridge. Fits all 2010+ Rock Shox Boxxer models, Fox Racing Shox 40 models and 36 models (160mm travel only) Read the review on Pinkbike.

Swing by and order yours today!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This snow..

Needs to go away soon! We have a few new rides kicking around (such as the Rocky Mountain Slayer 30 and Banshee Spitfire below) with more to come over the next week or so. We'll even have some demo road bikes as well as a CX bike. Now all we need is about 5,0000 less inches of snow and some decent riding weather...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Repair Classes and Winter Gear sale!

Hi all,

Some news to peruse...

Winter Repair Classes start next week!

Some of you might be wondering why we waited so long to schedule the classes. With all the snow we figured the nearer to the actual riding season the better. Learning how to change a flat and fix a chain, and then not using those skills for a few months, seems a bit silly. With any luck we'll all be riding regularly again in no time!

Many people ride with a kit full of tools and tire levers they purchased with their bike but never really learned how to use them. A little knowledge goes a long way, and learning how to get yourself out of a jam can be an empowering thing and is essential for all cyclists.

Flat repair classes:

These classes will focus on teaching the skills to avoid the dreaded walk/cell phone call of shame! Practice diagnosing flats and properly reinstalling your tire and tube.

*Please bring your own wheel/tire combo. All tires and rims are a little different with some being easier to seat than others. Practicing on the wheel you will be riding makes the most sense. If this isn't feasible we'll supply a wheel/tire for you to practice with so you can learn the correct technique.

Dates: 2/9, 2,16, 2/23

Chain and Drivetrain repair classes:

Just like the title says, learn how to repair your chain on the road, path or trail to get yourself back home. If time allows, and there is interest, we will also cover how to perform an emergency singlespeed conversion in the case of a mangled chain. We will provide the bikes and chain tools.

Dates: 2/10, 2/17, 2/24

** Anyone attending the classes can take 15% off all in stock tools, tubes, lube, chain master links, inflation devices (pumps, CO2) and saddle bags.

**Please RSVP for the classes! We'd like to limit each to ~ 6 people. We can always accommodate anyone else interested by hosting another night.

Winter Gear Sale!!

Everything winter related is 25% off. That means riding pants, lights, tights, gloves, booties, arm, leg and knee warmers socks, base layers, winter cycling caps and more. This runs until the end of February or until the gear is gone!

NEMBA, RI Bike Coalition and NBW members can take an additional 5% off. For the math challenged among us, that's 30% off - in season. Who loves ya baby?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A different perspective

While it's true that iPhone pictures aren't the best I bet you get the drift (get it?). Lincoln Woods this morning, 1/13/2011. Deep snow cover and great snowshoeing to be had. Get outside and enjoy it because who knows how long it will stick around.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Singlespeed 29er sale! Just in time for the snow...

We find ourselves in possession of a few SS 29ers that need to find a good home this winter. All are steel, rigid and ready to go for the rest of the sloppy season. The V-brake bike can be converted to disc, and gearing needs can be accommodated - we have the technology! Heck, we can even apply a nice coat of frame saver if you're the kind of rider to fret about rust and exploding frames.

The bikes:

Redline Monocog 29, 2010 size 17". $450 With Disc Brakes (not pictured)

Surly Karate Monkey Complete 18" 2011. Call us to discuss pricing on this one. They ain't easy to procure at the moment, but we'd like to get this out in the woods before too long.


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