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Saturday, September 25, 2010

New hours!!


After some serious number crunchin' and deliberatin' we done decided to be closed on Sundays and open Mondays from 12-6. Sundays have mostly consisted of us staring at the walls, catching up on busy work and changing a few flats. That, and the fact that we have been busier on Mondays when we were supposed to be closed, prompted the change.

Also, in case you were looking for something fun to do on your mountain bike tomorrow, the 2nd annual RI NEMBA Tour de Big River is taking place this Sunday, September 26th. There will be arrowed loops for all ability levels, demo bikes courtesy of Rocky Mountain Bicycles and Niner bikes as well as post ride burgers, dogs and wings. Registration runs from 9-11 AM, click on the link above for more info like directions and ride distances, etc. Hope to see you out on the trails!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NEMBA MBAS Ride Report - Foxboro 9/19

So, we went to the NEMBA Foxboro MBAS ride on Sunday and all we came back with were some pictures... If we weren't having so much riding we might have stopped to take some out on the trail. The weather and trail conditions were great, and the loops that the SE MA NEMBA crew laid out were a perfect mix of the trails and terrain in the forest. We rode with a few folks from RI and hit all of the intermediate loop with some "hero" sections and a custom route back to the event HQ. The post ride BBQ was, as always, excellent and was the perfect afternoon snack. A whole bunch of people checked out the Rocky Mountain demo bikes and got a chance to try them out on the trail (the best way to demo a bike for sure). Overall it was an awesome event and we're looking forward to hitting the trail at the RI NEMBA Tour De' Big River next Sunday. Below are a few pictures from the event.

The Rocky tent:

The BBQ Master:

The yellowest bike you've ever seen:

Bart's Banshee Paradox (expect to see one in the shop by year end):

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Come ride a Rocky Mountain and eat some sweet BBQ!

Be sure to head over to Foxboro, MA this Sunday for round number eight of the 2010 NEMBA MBAS ride series. We're going to be there helping out with the Rocky Mountain demos and of course riding some of the trails in the forest. It looks like there will be a few Altitude 29ers, Altitude 50s (26er), the Element 50 we have in the shop and a couple of road bikes as well. This ride was a blast last year and if you have never been to Foxboro you need to go and check it out. It's a great place to ride roughly 30 minutes north of Providence. The SE MA NEMBA gang did a great job plannign the loops last year, and the BBQ courtesy of Harpoon brewer Jamie Schier (and family + friends) is excellent and not to be missed.

In case anyone out there is wondering, our Tuesday night NEMBA ride at Lincoln Woods is still happening. We're now meeting at the park at 5:30, be ready to ride as close to 5:30 as possible! Call the shop for details regarding parking if needed but we are meeting in the same double lot we used for the last few years (the one nearest to the Twin River road entrance). We'll ride until the lack of daylight catches up to us, then we may switch over to night riding in Foxboro or somewhere else nearby.

Speaking of night riding we just received some of the affordable lights from Serfas. We snagged a few of the TSL-250 and TSL-150 lights. They are both USB chargeable, come with helmet and bar mounts and are self contained lights with no battery cables to worry about. I rode home with the TSL-150 model last night and it's a true 150 lumen light with a flash mode, as well as three steady beam modes in varying intensities. The 150 lumen light retails for $100, the 250 lumen model is $130.

In other shop related news we're having a sale until the end of the month. 10-20% off most bikes, 10-15% off all cyclocross tires and 10% off all Twin Six and other assorted T Shirts.

For a list of sale bikes click here!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trail Work Day in Burlingame 9/11!

We just received the below transmission from planet Burlingame, direct from the Czar of Burlingame... Lennon Schroeder:

Hi all,

If you haven't responded and think you are able, please come out! It
is a great day and we do a great deal to help the park.

It also goes a long way in keeping good relations with the AMC.

If you want to come at an odd time, take my cell phone # and call me
on your way in, so I can direct you to one of our work sites:

There is free camping for helpers Friday and Saturday night, but
please tell me if you are camping so I can let the park know.

Along with the camping, there is a pot luck dinner with the AMC
Saturday evening at 5:00. Myself and a couple of others plan on
camping and attending the Pot Luck.

We are going to try to put together a ride after the work, so bring a
bike, if you are interested in that.

No tools are needed, but if you have a cordless drill or hammer, you
might toss them in the car, just in case.

WE MEET AT SITE 492 AT 9:00 A.M.

***Be sure to go to the campground entrance, which is about 2 miles
past the Picnic Area (beach) exit, on Rt. 1 South.***

I hope you can make it, it really is a great day!



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fasty McNasty

Here's some seedy, low down and dirty bicycle pictures for the more XC racer types out there.

We're heading on down to the wilds of Big River tonight to have some fun riding this beautiful and purposely built go-fast bike. It's been a while since I've been on something so unabashedly XC oriented. Mike and I had the chance to ride the Team version of the Element last year and it's enough to make me want one simply so I can ride less and still go faster. It's that quick, and it's fun to ride in an ass up, head down kinda way.

Speaking of Rocky Mountains it looks like the demo mobile will be making it's way to the NEMBA MBAS ride at Foxboro on 9/19. Mike and I will be there as well, riding and helping out with the demos. There will be quite the spread with some Altitude 29ers, Altitude 50s (26er), the Element seen above and various others including a road bike or two. These same bikes are likely to make an appearance at the Big River Fun Ride a week later so if you miss one ride you can check them out at the other.

In other exciting news we're having a big ass sale this month! Up to 20% off all bikes in stock. This means 'cross bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, etc.. you get the picture. We're also doing 10% off all higher end tires ($40 or more) and we have a bunch of 'cross tires and MTB tires kicking around so come help us clear 'em out, OK?

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