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Friday, June 4, 2010

Seriously? 'Cross bike babble in June?

Yeah, so, we're sorry about this. Not to sound too much like the non-stop cyclocross daydreamer that is Gewilli, but I just took receipt of a new Redline Conquest Pro and I felt compelled to post a few words about it here. I'll try to keep this brief so we can all go back to our regularly scheduled summertime cycling escapades.

Simply put this is the nicest 'cross bike someone such as myself should be allowed to ride. One as ill equipped in the fitness department as I am should probably be relegated to singlespeed 'cross bikes (for the convenient poor performance excuses), or really low end bikes that can handle stupid human tricks. That said the first few outings on the Conquest Pro involved plenty of dirt, some mountain biking inspired stupidity and some real random "trails" north of the shop in the vicinity of Cumberland and Manville.

The bike comes with some tubeless ready Hutchinson Bulldog 34s that are pretty comfy even with tubes, and they sport a nice wide footprint with some well spaced knobs. These are rolling on some frighteningly light (for me) Alex wheels that make me feel legitimately fast. Notice that the word fast is in italics, that's how fast I thought I was going! The tricks that technology can play on our feeble minds, eh?

Here are some pics of the bike, notice that I took the in line levers off and added the Harpoon bottle cap. This was to satisfy Mike and Jim Grimley, for making fun of me for even considering keeping the levers. You may be wondering just how that Harpoon cap is stuck on there. I'll tell you how; it's magic . That, or it was the Niner "You are What You Drink" top cap I installed. I can't be sure though. We have a couple in stock so if you feel the need to share your affinity for a specific brand of beer swing by and grab one. Sorry, screw tops don't work so well though they can be jerry rigged to work. All the more reason to try some good beer anyway! There's magic all up in the good beers, trust me on this.

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