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Thursday, July 1, 2010

On the trail again

Local mountain biker type guy Joe H. managed to break himself another bike... So we fixed him up with a new whip in the form of this sweet black and blue combo Redline Monocog Flight frame and Surly Karate Monkey fork (an appropriate color scheme given his bicycle abusing track record). It turned out pretty nicely and should be up to the frame detonating riding he seems to dish out. At least we hope so anyways.

Speaking of bikes, we have a slew of Banshee bikes in the shop right about now (a Spitfire, Rampant, Scythe, Wildcard and something else I can't remember right now) . If you feel like checking them out then by all means swing by and arrange to demo one. While we aren't a Banshee dealer we are operating as a um, liquidator, if you will for the old Banshee rep. These are all demo bikes and they were ridden so, you guessed it, this is a good chance to snag a great deal on some nice bikes for all your aggressive riding needs.

I'd hold out for a 2011 Rocky Mountain Slayer but hey, that's just me... Speaking of Rockys we should have some 'cross bikes in the shop for demo rides as well. We'd really like to turn some of you mountain biker only type folks to the dark side of riding more than one type of bicycle. I know, it's scary stuff. With that in mind a 'cross bike is like a small step towards being a well rounded cyclist, not to mention it allows you to try something new related to bikes. And, I'm assuming you dig bikes if you've read this far. Good for you. Thats step one. Step two is realizing there's more tricks in the bag. And besides, we really want to keep the Tuesday night rides rolling through the fall the winter months. 'Cross bike (or fixed gear) rides on the bike path, and over at Lincoln Woods, are a great excuse to ride in the cold and drink beer afterward. We won't even mention actually racing 'cross. Baby steps, remember?

Now for some pictures of Joe's Redline. It looks nice.

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